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You prioritise others all year round, the time for yourself is rarely found. Use this deck to manifest your needs and help focus upon the business of your dreams.


This deck is something a little different, designed to uplift, manifest & affirm. Shuffle the cards, pick & display, to attract joy, happiness and success your way.

Manicurist Pack | Issue I

This first Mani-Fest product was part of the Secret Santa Mystery Product in the 2023 Festive Edit. This pack includes 12 A7 Mani-Fest® Cards in total, ideal to help Nail Professionals to affirm and manifest their dreams, for a positive outlook all year round.

How to Use

You can use the cards as you wish to bring inspiration into your life, there are no rules. Here’s some suggested ways to use your cards:

  1. Shuffle, pick & display daily for positive daily affirmations.

  2. Shuffle, pick & display once per month to select a monthly affirmation (there’s 12 in total so are enough for each month of the year).

  3. Select a favourite daily affirmation to display every day.

  4. Select a favourite monthly affirmation to focus your energy throughout a whole month.

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