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About Us

Manicure Roulette® is designed, created and manufactured by Dr Prints® & Co. - A female-led and family run business specialising in unique printing methods & high quality printed products for the Nail and Beauty industry.

The Story of Manicure Roulette®

Manicure Roulette® launched in April 2022, being handmade in our Founders kitchen, using a desktop inkjet printed, a guillotine & corner rounding punch from Amazon.


Manicure Roulette® is the first salon game of it's kind, designed to expand the mind & bring creativity back to the artist.


Whilst there may now be other imitations of our cards out there, we're top of the game when it comes to unbeatable quality, beautiful packaging, up-to-date Expansion Packs & incomparable innovative concepts.

Manicure Roulette® is designed & created by our Founder, in-house Artist & Nail Technician Lotte, who creates all the artwork and designs for our products.

The concept was developed to focus the creativity back to the nail artist at work, to avoid mimicking others designs and focus creativity, to produce nail designs & ideas you may never usually imagine.

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How It's Made

When Manicure Roulette® first launched back in April 2022, it was handmade in our Founders kitchen, using nothing more than a desktop printer, guillotine & a corner rounding punch from Amazon.


It's safe to say we've come along way since then, investing and developing our manufacturing techniques, to bring the upmost quality and innovative printing methods.


All Manicure Roulette® products are designed, printed & manufactured in-house by us, to an unbeatable quality. All our cards are printed on smooth white card and laminated with a satin-matte finish. Our foiled cards are a touch different, holding single sided true metallic foil & a gloss laminate finish, with the reverse in-keeping with the other cards.

Our Founder

Founder Charlotte (Lotte) Seymour, BSc, MSc.

Creator of Manicure Roulette®, Mani-Science and Dr Prints® & Co.

Meet Lotte - the founder and in-house artist of Dr Prints & Co. Manicure Roulette®.


Lotte holds an BSc in Dental Technology & an MSc in Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine, alongside being a fellow Nail Professional.

Whilst Lotte no longer has the time to work in-salon, she continues to help support the Nail & Beauty industry with creative & useful products to make the lives of Nail Professionals easier. Along with educational materials, utilising her scientific background to help nail professionals understand the complexitities of Gel Nail Products and adverse reactions.

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The Family Team

Currently we're a super small team of just four womenwho collaboratively work to keep the clogs turning, creating all Manicure Roulette® products in-house and manufacturing other aspects of Dr Prints & Co., as well as running Social Media & Marketing aspects.

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