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Expansion Packs

These additional decks and cards can be added into your Manicure Roulette® Original Cards or used to create a custom built game to suit you or your clients. These Expansion Packs are a permanent range on our website and do not require The Original Cards to play.

Some Expansion Packs add new card decks, that don't already exist within our Original Cards e.g. Embellishments. Others expand existing decks, such as Art Theme and Colour Palette.


For ease, we've divided these into two sections below. Scroll down to learn more about our Expansion Packs.

01 | New Decks

These Expansion Packs add new Manicure Roulette® card decks that don't already exist within our Original Cards or other Expansion Packs. Click on each product to view more details & read about their function.

02 | Expand Existing Decks

These Expansion Packs expand existing Manicure Roulette® decks. These can be; [1] incorporated into existing decks you own i.e. mixing & adding into any existing Art Theme, Colour Palette or Nail Shape deck, [2] kept separately in their own decks or [3] used to build a tailored Manicure Roulette game from scratch.