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Find a Rouletter

Find a Salon or Nail Professional who offers Manicure Roulette®.

Manicure Roulette

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Find a Salon or Nail Professional offering Manicure Roulette® as a nail service,

Terms & Conditions

Please note the salons or nail professionals advertised are not paid, recommended or endorsed by Manicure Roulette®. All customers must ensure they request evidence of certification in professional nail treatment/s being undertaken and insurance from the service provider before treatments. Manicure Roulette® are not responsible for the actions undertaken by the advertised person or salon. Our advertisement is not a guarantee of service quality. Manicure Roulette® Find A Salon list of locations are purely advertisement of salons or nail professionals offering our products as part of a paid service.

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Are you a Salon or Nail Professional offering Manicure Roulette® as a nail service? Apply below to feature on our Salon Finder & help clients wanting to try Manicure Roulette® find you.

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Please provide the name used to place any Manicure Roulette® orders.

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Please upload evidence of your Nail Qualification. This can either be an Image (PNG or JPEG)  or Document (PDF). Please use one of the two methods below to upload your certificate. 

Please note: This is required for approval and advertisement on our Salon Finder, failure to provide this will result in this application being rejected.


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