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The Summer Edit

This collection of Manicure Roulette® packs have been released as part of our in-season edit. Some packs within this collection are seasonal, meaning they only come around once per year, whilst others will be moved into our permanent Expansion Pack collection, once the edit comes to an end. ​

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01 | Summer Daze 1st Ed.

Fall into a daze this summer with Manicure Roulette®: Summer Daze Seasonal Expansion Pack. Whether you’re heading on vacation, having a staycation or just after some fun in the sun, these designs will make choosing your Summer mani a welcome breeze.


There are 29 cards in this pack. As with all our games and expansion packs, there are no rules of play. These cards can be used both with and/or without our other existing decks, to create your own tailored Manicure Roulette® game.

Only available until August or while stocks last.


First launched in May 2023.

Launch Date:

Example Cards:

The Art Theme cards within this pack are the main themes for the Summer season including Palm Trees, Ocean Waves, Suns and more.

The Colour Palettes include colours based include Rainy Day, A Splash of Colour, Tulis & more.


02 | Scent Roulette

We've collaborated with NIBA to create our very first cuticle oil and brand new Scent Roulette game - designed to select a cuticle oil fragrance to use.


This pack contains four 15ml cuticle oil dropper bottles filled with four unique

fragrances. Use the cards within to select your cuticle oil.


Launched 1st May 2024.

Launch Date:

What's Included?

Includes four 15ml cuticle oils in dropper bottles along with the four corresponding Scent Roulette cards.

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03 | The Nail Explorer | Secret Summer Bundle

Dive into a world of nail art exploration with Manicure Roulette®: The Nail Explorer | A Journal of
Wild Prints & Fluttering Blooms
. This Secret Summer Bundle unveils IV new Expansion Packs and Collector's Card VI. Boasting a grand total of 53 captivating cards, you can prepare to unleash your creativity and embark on a manicure adventure like never before. 


What mysteries lie within this bundle? The answer remains shrouded in secrecy. We're inviting you to take a chance and experience the magic of our latest creations first hand. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be swept away by the unexpected wonders that await you.

Only available until August or while stocks last.

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Pre-Order Now

Launch Date:

What's Included?

4 new Packs, 53 Cards in total, including Collectors Card VI. More will be revealed on launch day, but here are some hints about what awaits you:


Pack One

Take a walk on the wild side with a new Art Theme Pack encompassing 12 Art Theme cards that promise to add a touch fierce flair to your manicure.

Pack Two

Transport yourself to tropical paradise with a new Flower Type pack including a selection of 10 new Flower Type cards.


Pack Three
Stroll through an English country garden with another new Flower Type Pack containing 10 Flower Type cards.

Use these Flower Type cards in conjunction with Manicure Roulette®: In Bloom or as stand aloneselections.


Pack Four
Take a moment for creativity to effortlessly emerge from a new Art Theme Pack. A charming collection of 20 Art Theme cards. Each card invites you to embrace the fleeting beauty of these winged wonders.

Complete your nail art voyage with Collectors Card VI, a cherished keepsake of your artistic discoveries, only attainable through this bundle purchase.


Learn More About


Learn everything you need to know about getting your hands on our rare Collectors Cards.

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